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5 Signs You Need to Hire A Home Care Nurse for Your Loved One

Slowing down and becoming less agile are normal parts of aging, but at a certain point it becomes difficult for people to function on their own. How do you know if your family member is able to continue living on their own or needs some assistance? Here are five signs that it’s time to hire Calgary home nurses for your loved one.

1. Dry, Cracked Skin may Indicate a Need for Calgary Home Health Care

Skin that is red, dry, cracked, or irritated can be a sign of dehydration, which has serious consequences. Unusual bruising or tearing are also problem signs; they may mean the individual is suffering from balance or vision problems.

2. Calgary Seniors Home Care After Vision Loss

Loss of vision can make it hard for seniors to function well on their own. They may have difficulty driving to appointments, shopping for food, or reading medication labels and would benefit from Calgary home health care.

3. Home Health Care After Hearing Loss

Similarly, hearing loss can also indicate it’s time for Calgary seniors home care. Loss of hearing makes it difficult to hear doctor instructions, fire alarms, and smoke detectors.

4. Lack of Food Points Toward Seniors Home Care

Check the fridge next time you visit your loved one. Is there healthy, fresh food available? This is a good indication they are well-nourished and able to shop and cook for themselves. Lack of food probably means they need assistance from Calgary home health care.

5. Help with Medications from Calgary Home Nurses

Many seniors take multiple medications; mixing up these medications or not taking them can have serious consequences. Calgary home nurses can make sure your loved one gets the right medications when they need them.

Help your loved one stay safe by watching for these signs it’s time for Calgary seniors home care.

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